Listing Agent Referral Program

  • Benefits

If you are a Realtor or Broker that would like to offer your Seller another option, please contact us. We will be happy to explain our process. Referring a sale to American Heritage to sell by live auction is a great way to achieve your goals. We have conducted and closed hundreds of referred sales via live auction, with brokerages such as Re/MAX, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and Century 21 calling upon our expertise to refer their listings to American Heritage to be sold by Auction. 

  • What Is Expected from You

To work cooperatively with us, we would first require a meeting with your Client to discuss their expectations, our process, and the timeline for the auction. Should your referral be a good fit for both your Client and our firm, you would withdraw your listing, and the Seller would sign an agreement with our firm. American Heritage will then relist the property and handle the sale exclusively. Our firm and our auction representatives have the experience with live auction sales, making us better equipped to answer questions regarding the auction process, ultimately leading to a successful sale. Our team will prepare you for basic inquiries about auctions, but you would be expected to defer to us on all matters regarding the terms of the sale.

  • What You Can Expect From Us

When referring a sale to us, you can expect top notch service from start to finish. We will market, conduct, and close the transaction for your client. You will receive your agreed upon referral commission, and you will receive stat credit in the MLS.